About Ac-herbs

The chief specialist of Ac-herbs,--Zhang Jize and Zhang yifang are
licensed herbalist, acupuncturist and professor of Traditional Chinese
Medicine. Dr. Yifang Zhang was born into a family of doctors. Her
fatherand grandfather are both famous doctorsin Southern China. So
Dr.Zhang is third-generation expert TCM practitioner. She lectures
and p racticesTCM internationally in China, US and United Kingdom
for many years and has been working as a consultant doctor in
prestige medical institutions. She is also a Traditional Chinese
Medicine expert advisor for the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia.

The Ac-herbs internationalized specialist's
team has been lecturing and practicing alterative
medicine both in China and in the overseas for
years, which makes them well-experienced in
health preservation and treatment.

Our missions
Dedicated to bringing the rich heritage of
Traditional Chinese medicine to the world

Our aim
1. Personalized diagnosis including both
constitutional and acute health needs;
2. Personalized dietary, lifestyle, and herbal medicine recommendations to maximize health and
well-being and to radiate beauty from within.
3. Traditional Chinese Medicine Education
4. Online Health Forum to share information about healthy living and the experiences of our healing
5. Enjoying nature: organized trips to organic farms and nature preserves.

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