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Yifang Zhang is an M.D and associate
professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
(TCM). She got Ms of classics of TCM. She
is a consultant doctor in Traditional Medicine
at the Shanghai East international hospital.

Zhang Yifang lectures internationally to spread
the culture of traditional Chinese medicine as
it is taught today in Chinese medical universities
as well as to share the rich traditional medical
heritage of her family.

Dr. Zhang uniquely combines the philosophical and clinical perspectives of both western and
traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of common and uncommon diseases. She has been
in medical practice for near 30 years and has developed many unique treatments that are a result of
the combined traditional Chinese medical knowledge of her family and her academic Chinese

Dr. Zhang was in charge or joint several natural science funds and medical scientific researches
tasks. She has published 3 text books, 2 clinic books and monographs on Chinese medicine and
has published numerous discourses of Chinese medicine both in Chinese and English home and

Dr. Zhang is also a Traditional Chinese Medicine expert advisor for the American Herbal
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